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Media shines a light on new Mandela tribute publication

Another book to celebrate the life and times of Tata Nelson Mandela is
expected to be released this year.
In the run-up to Mandela Day, a book containing rich editorial content,
provided by people who had the honour of walking with Madiba on his
journey, is about to be written.
100 The Mandela Years is endorsed by personal tributes and commitments
to ensuring the vision, wisdom and legacy Of Madiba through the eyes of
key individuals, historians, thought leaders, head of State, diplomats and
At a pre-launch hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and museum on
Thursday, it was announced that the book would be published in October:
Contributors to the publication gathered at the Foundations Headquarters
in Houghton to kick off Mandela Month by encouraging people to start
writing about their journey with Madiba.
Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom and former public protector Thuli
Madonsela are among the keynote contributors to 100 The Mandela Years.
Madonsela said she knew Mandela through the eyes of her father and
learnt the importance of forgiveness, confidence and respect.
“My father told these stories about Mandela, with whom he was on Robben
Island. “My father had never gone to school… people who have never gone
to school work with sounds and don’t really know the exact wording.
“My father was a hero”. He had been a witness to apartheid, particularly in
1913. “What I know about Mandela was the man, Lawyer and the man who
stood his ground” Madonsela added.
“My father’s stories were about him standing his ground. “He saw
forgiveness as an act of compassion to oneself, and as a precondition to

building healthy relationships.” Hanekom said the importance of this book
lay in the fact that is added to the many books, films and songs written
about Nelson Mandela. “His greatness was not in having power or wisdom,
it was about having the wisdom and being a leader and having that dignity
and human touch,” said Hanekom.
“The greatness that the first black President of South Africa exuded was felt
by people who got to be in his presence, or those who just heard stories
about him.”
The value of the book, I believe, is that people from business and the likes
can tell unheard story.
“This is an opportunity for you to write your story, and in writing your story,
you add to the story,” Hanekom said.
As appeared in: Cape times 2 July 2018 – Writer Nokuthula Zwane

MEDIA RELEASE 2 : 5 July 2018.

The corporate centennial celebration of Nelson Mandela’s birth

100: The Mandela Years. We are collaborating with a number of
organisations and key individuals, including the Nelson Mandela Museum,
former President Thabo Mbeki and relevant historians, thought-leaders,
Heads of State, diplomats and companies around the world.
The book will become a keepsake for its international audience, because
its pages will showcase letters of thanks and appreciation for Madiba from
100 select prominent CEOs and government leaders.
Depending on your level of participation (Prestige or Executive Sponsor),
you will receive 100 boxed copies of the publication to distribute among
shareholders, stakeholders, clients, suppliers and the like. You will also get
four to 10 invitations to attend the tribute launch – a once in a lifetime
opportunity to network with and draw inspiration from your fellow South
African and international tribute participants.
Accompanying the book will be an inspiring video wall featuring100: The
Mandela Years-branded video testimonials from all of our participating
CEOs and leaders.
FROM: Ryland Fisher, Editor, 100: The Mandela Years